Challengers to embattled D.C. Council member Jack Evans (D-Ward 2) appear poised to reap hundreds of thousands of dollars under the District’s new system for public funding of political campaigns, a potent demonstration of how recently passed election changes could affect a consequential council race next year. . . .

“Fair Elections has made it possible for me to run a grass-roots campaign that’s based on the people’s support, not on the same old insiders and big corporate donors,” said Jordan Grossman, who was an Obama administration staff member. His campaign is emphasizing the ethical cloud over Evans, who is under federal investigation for his connection to businesses affected by D.C. government decisions.

Grossman raised the most money by the filing deadline, with more than $37,000 in contributions. With matching funding — which is supplied in part based on the number of donations that come from individual District residents — he said he anticipates that amount will grow to more than $140,000.

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