Being a fifth-generation Washington resident is one of Grossman’s key selling points on the hustings. Ward 2 embraces central Washington, including Sheridan-Kalorama, Logan Circle and Shaw. …

“D.C. has made it possible for my family of Jewish immigrants to achieve the American dream,” says Grossman. He wants to make it easier for other residents to feel that they can stay in the rapidly gentrifying ward and thrive there. “I really want there to be a sixth and seventh generation,” he adds.

He hopes to do this is by creating more affordable housing options, providing high-quality childcare, creating a plan to help people pay off student loan debt and focusing on transit and pedestrian safety.

Grossman’s campaign has been largely a ground-level effort … “We think if we can meet person by person, we can build a movement to [get rid of] Jack Evans,” Grossman says.

Several people getting off the escalator at Dupont Circle recognize Grossman from his previous meet and greets. One woman says she met him at an event for the progressive Jews United for Justice and stops to chat.

Another woman says she met Grossman at a farmers market. As she rushes to her next destination, she writes down her contact information … She wants to volunteer for Grossman’s campaign.

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