Stirling cites Jordan’s extensive public service experience, commitment to ending corruption, and plan for addressing DC’s housing crisis in announcing her support

WASHINGTON, DC – Jordan Grossman announced today that Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner Madeleine Stirling has endorsed his campaign for the Ward 2 seat on the DC Council. Stirling represents Single Member District 2F05 in the Logan Circle/Thomas Circle area of Ward 2.

“Jordan has spent his entire career working for progressive change, and that’s exactly what Ward 2 needs on the DC Council,” Stirling said. “From fighting corruption and inequality to prioritizing our city’s urgent need for affordable housing, Jordan’s experience and values make him the best choice for Ward 2.”

“Madeleine is an incredibly valuable voice on issues that are essential to our community – ending pay-to-play corruption, making it easier for all DC residents to afford a place to live, implementing criminal justice reform, and more,” Jordan said. “I’m thrilled to have her support as we fight to make it possible for residents to stay and thrive here, from fifth generation DC residents like me to our immigrant communities and other recent arrivals.”

Jordan is running for the Ward 2 seat on the DC Council to end corruption, fight for DC statehood, and make it easier for residents to afford a home, find high-quality child care, walk, bike, or take public transit to work, and pay off student loan debt. He is a fifth generation DC resident and former Obama Administration, Capitol Hill, and DC government official. Jordan is challenging scandal-plagued incumbent Jack Evans in the Democratic primary in 2020.

In August, the first reports filed with the Office of Campaign Finance revealed that Jordan leads the Ward 2 field in the number of grassroots supporters and the total amount of grassroots contributions by a wide margin. In May, Jordan became the first candidate in DC history to receive the amount of small dollar contributions required to qualify for the District’s new voluntary Fair Elections public financing program – after just four days in the race. 

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