Jordan believes it’s time to work together to build a more equitable, inclusive, and affordable Ward 2. That’s why DC’s leading progressive voices have endorsed him to represent Ward 2 on the DC Council:

“Ward 2 residents want a clean break from the pay-to-play corruption of Jack Evans, which makes Jordan Grossman the best choice… He has a strong track record of fighting for working families and using the power of government to make that happen.”

“I’m excited that the Washington Teachers’ Union endorsed a candidate who understands the issues that our schools face. I know Jordan will listen to and work with teachers and that he is committed to fighting for all students across our city.” — WTU President Elizabeth Davis

“Before the Council even considered taking action against Jack Evans, Jordan launched a progressive grassroots campaign to put power back in the hands of everyday people because, unlike the incumbent, he’s not for sale. We’re excited to back Jordan because we know he will fight for a government that will work for everyday residents, not just those that can cut big checks.”

“For so long, Ward 2 voters have been missing a strong ethical and progressive voice on the Council. Jordan is our best shot at having that voice. Jordan’s campaign has captivated the progressive movement because of his strong commitments and vision for the city. We are really excited about Jordan’s candidacy and excited about the opportunity to finally have ethical, transparent, and progressive leadership for the Ward 2 Council seat.” — DC for Democracy Chair Jeremiah Lowery

“In our interview with Jordan, our team was struck by his genuine passion, depth of experience, and commitment to racial and economic justice and equity. He has a bold vision to tackle DC residents’ most pressing needs, from building much more deeply affordable housing to approaching violence as a public health crisis and standing for strong ethics on the DC Council.”

DC Chapter of the National Organization for Women

“Jordan has years of experience improving access to government services and will provide a progressive voice on the DC Council. We were most impressed with [his] comprehensive plans to tackle the affordable housing crisis, fund high quality childcare, and advance community safety.”

“350 DC is excited to endorse Jordan Grossman in the Ward 2 Council race. Jordan will fight for a just transition to sustainable energy by investing in solar energy for low-income households & creating infrastructure for pedestrians, bikes & public transit.”

Join Us
For too long, Ward 2 residents have had to compete for their councilmember’s time and attention with paying clients who can afford his price. It’s time to elect someone who is truly for us, not for sale. Join our movement.

Because Jordan’s participating in DC’s new public financing program, he’s only taking donations up to $50. If you’re a DC resident, your donation will be matched 5 to 1.