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More than 835 people, including more than 560 DC residents, have invested in Jordan’s grassroots campaign

The vast majority of Jordan’s supporters have never contributed to a DC Council campaign before this cycle

WASHINGTON, DC – Jordan Grossman announced today that, combined with Fair Elections funds, he has raised nearly $200,000 for his campaign to take on Jack Evans and represent Ward 2 on the DC Council. More than 835 people, including more than 560 DC residents, have invested in Jordan’s grassroots campaign.

“We’re thrilled that momentum for our campaign continues to grow – from extraordinary grassroots fundraising support, to endorsements by community leaders, to incredible enthusiasm at house parties and community events,” Jordan said. “At a time when Ward 2 residents are looking for a clean break from Jack Evans and his corrupt machine of insiders, we’re proud to bring new voices to the table – the vast majority of our donors have never contributed to a DC Council campaign before this cycle.”

In May, Jordan became the first candidate in DC history to receive the amount of small dollar contributions required to qualify for the District’s new voluntary Fair Elections public financing program – after just four days in the race.  

Jordan has now raised nearly $24,000 in donations of $50 or less from more than 560 individual District residents. As a result, he will receive approximately $30,787 in additional Fair Elections funds when the Office of Campaign Finance certifies his October 10th fundraising filing. These funds are in addition to the $89,180.10 in matching funds and the $40,000 base payment he has already earned. Altogether, contributions from Jordan’s supporters and the Fair Elections funds he has earned add up to approximately $198,127. Even before receiving matching funds for this report and the second half of the base payment, Jordan has approximately $132,946 in cash on hand.

Local supporters have hosted 28 meet and greet events for Jordan since he entered the race. Photos of these grassroots campaign events are available at this link. Community leaders Rebecca Hollister, Chair of the Georgetown University College Democrats, and Madeleine Stirling, Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner for Single Member District 2F05 (Logan Circle/Thomas Circle), have also endorsed his campaign for the Ward 2 seat on the DC Council.

The Fair Elections Program was established by the Fair Elections Act of 2017. For those who choose to participate, it limits individual contributions to $50 for ward Council races and bans corporate and traditional political action committee (PAC) contributions, among other requirements. To qualify, a candidate for a ward seat on the DC Council must raise $5,000 from at least 150 individual DC residents in donations of $50 or less. Candidates who meet the requirements earn additional matching funds equal to five times the amount they raise from District residents – for example, $250 in additional matching funds for each $50 donation. Qualifying candidates also earn a $40,000 base payment that is distributed in two installments – when the candidate qualifies for the Fair Elections Program and when the candidate qualifies for the ballot.

Jordan is running for the Ward 2 seat on the DC Council to end corruption, fight for DC statehood, and make it easier for residents to afford a home, find high-quality child care, walk, bike, or take public transit, and pay off student loan debt. He is a fifth generation DC resident and former Obama Administration, Capitol Hill, and DC government official. Jordan is challenging scandal-plagued incumbent Jack Evans in the Democratic primary in 2020.

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