Amid all the uncertainty and challenges of the COVID-19 crisis, I’m so thrilled to introduce my son, Jesse, who joined us at 5:03am on March 20th. He and his mom Julie are both doing great — Jesse is already fighting hard for the little guy (he strongly supports Naps for All).

Jesse says "Vote for My Daddy!"
Jesse says “Vote for my Daddy!”

As I’m getting used to having my favorite sixth generation DC resident at home, I have to say that being a new dad has already redoubled my commitment to fighting for our values and priorities in this race.

At a time when many Ward 2 residents don’t have a place to live, I feel so lucky that the three of us are able to heed public health recommendations and stay at home. It’s also impossible to convey how grateful I am that our family received expert, compassionate care at a DC hospital at a time when so many people haven’t been able to access the care they need for COVID-19 and federal government failures have put nurses, aides, custodians, and doctors in DC and throughout the country at serious risk as they selflessly help others. There are so many individuals and organizations going above and beyond when it comes to these issues — like the extraordinary folks at Miriam’s Kitchen serving our neighbors experiencing homelessness and Direct Relief, which provides personal protective equipment to health workers in our area and around the world. If you’re able, I hope you’ll join me in supporting these or one of the countless other inspiring coronavirus response efforts in DC.

Yet, at a fundamental level, we need our government to act boldly and decisively to address this emergency. Here in DC, we often hear about the need to save tax dollars for a rainy day. That day is here. In the coming days and weeks, we need to take further action to support residents experiencing homelessness or housing insecurity; frontline health care personnel; restaurant, retail, and other workers who have lost their jobs; grocery and delivery workers who have always been the backbones of our communities and have become essential personnel in this crisis; educators who are quickly becoming experts in distance learning and trying to address inequitable access to online tools among students; families and small businesses who will struggle to make upcoming rent and mortgage payments; and all DC residents who — as this crisis shows more than ever — deserve affordable health and child care, paid family, medical, and sick leave, and enforcement of wage and workplace protections.

I worked on the response to public health crises in the Obama Administration, including the H1N1 virus and the Zika virus. I know how important it is to have a strong immediate response to public health emergencies, as well as competent and proactive government administration in the medium and long-term. We can’t just move on when the worst of the crisis is out of the headlines; we need to stay committed to the quiet but vital work to ensure that new bills and programs truly make a real difference in the day-to-day lives of our residents.

If that’s the kind of approach you think we need on the DC Council, and if you have the ability to get involved with our campaign virtually during this time of uncertainty, we would really appreciate your help. We have daily opportunities for you to volunteer from your own home — great activities while you’re social distancing! Please sign up to send texts or make calls here and our campaign will be in touch shortly to get you started. And feel free to email Allie, our campaign manager, directly at with any other creative ideas you might have.

Stay safe and healthy,


P.S. Have specific questions about COVID-19 and the local and federal response efforts? Visit and, and don’t hesitate to reach out to us and we’ll help however we can.